Welcome to Ascension Lodge No. 89

345 W Monroe Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85003 

About Us

Mission statement


The Mission of our Lodge, in addition to making good men better, developing our understanding of and relationship with the Great Architect, and fostering fellowship and brotherly love, is as follows:
To foster an environment that allows all masons to internalize the lessons of Freemasonry and elevate their minds from the profane to the profound. We accomplish this by observing the solemnity of ritual, laboring with veneration, and always aspiring to perfect our ashlars through temperance, tolerance, and education.

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We meet the 3rd Monday of the month at  345 W Monroe Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003. Check out our Facebook page for events as well:



Masonic Education


Masonic Education is continuous for our lodge, we will update this section with education events and Masonic books we recommend as we develop. 


No upcoming events.

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